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We offer you coffee types and blends for every need in your business. Varieties for all occasions, i.e. from ristretto to caffe latte, specials if desired, eg Arabica Bourbon from Brazil, single-origin coffees from Cuba or Ethiopia and much more. Custom blends for your business are also possible (depending on quantity).

Tea loose or in portion bags. We will be happy to procure special types of tea according to your wishes.

Classic cocoa or an instant cocoa drink for quick preparation with the steam nozzle of your espresso machine.


Interesting hire-purchase offers for La San Marco espresso machines and grinders as well as mills from Italy by Quamar.


Hotels and B&Bs


For the hotel industry, in addition to bean coffee for fully automatic machines, we also offer ground filter coffee in the portion bags you need, in the grammage and grind fineness of your machine. For your guest rooms we have fully compostable capsules for the Nespresso system in our program. The capsules themselves consist of rapidly renewable, natural raw materials such as bamboo and sugar cane fibers, the content is 100% roasted coffee, without any additives.

The packaging for 10 capsules is very attractively designed, your guests will appreciate the naturalness of the product, the sustainability in production, the regionality and above all the taste.




Offices, law firms and ordination communities


Fully automatic or capsule machines are usually used. We have the right coffee product for every machine. From mild Arabica coffee to strong ristretto, we cover every need. All our coffees are roasted very slowly at a low temperature and are therefore gentle on the stomach, as we all know that a lot of coffee is drunk in offices. 

For you and especially when you offer customers a coffee, the quality should be right, this is also part of your company's calling card. Simple ordering via the Internet or automatic, regular deliveries according to your specifications are possible. We have coffee beans in three pack sizes, ground filter coffee for gastro filter machines in portion bags and capsules in packs of 10 or 50 pieces.


Christmas gifts for corporate clients

We also make Christmas gift packages for customers of various companies. Instead of the obligatory bottle of wine or sparkling wine, a gift that is always gladly accepted and actually used. They are put together according to your ideas, in different sizes, printed, personal labels are also possible (e.g. Merry Christmas from the company...). In addition to all our products, coffee, tea, capsules and cocoa in all pack sizes, we can also pack one of your special products or your company's advertising in the gift box.

Please ask us about the possibilities.


We would be happy to visit you or invite you to a personal tasting.


You will find an excerpt of our products for professional use in the list below.

Excerpt from our range


Quantity: 250g | 500g | 1000g

Espresso No. 7

Espresso No. 5

Espresso No. 10


Brazil special

Espresso No. 11

Viennese mix

Organic espresso

Special varieties on request.


CAPSULES for the Nespresso ® system

Piece: 50

Coffee capsule N°1

Coffee Capsule Brazil Dulce

Coffee capsule Mexico BIO



Quantity: 125g | 500g

Pure cocoa

Cocoa instant ready mix



pieces: 25 | 35 | 40


Fruit tea  |  25 pieces

herbal tea  |  35 pieces

Assam sheet  |  40 pieces



Quantity: 500g

mountain herbal tea

Fruit tea

Ceylon OP

Darjeeling FTGFOP1 2nd. flush

green tea blend

mint tea

rosehip tea

Special varieties on request.


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