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coffee and packaging


Our primary focus is on the highest possible green coffee quality. Nevertheless, we strive to have organic and fair trade coffees in our program - as far as possible. ORGANIC coffee is often offered in varieties that are very good, but are not always suitable for blends. However, we will always offer you these organic varieties in a single variety.

We also try to keep the packaging as ecological as possible. Coffee must be packed absolutely tightly sealed in order not to lose quality, and the one-way aroma protection valve is also essential. But there are possibilities here too, so we will open our packaging in the near future  can switch to aluminium-free eco-bags.

We also strive to use existing resources. While the single-use valve packaging is absolutely necessary for coffee to ensure quality, we can, for example, use outer packaging (small packets) several times. This may not look so chic, but it is a contribution to environmental protection and waste avoidance.

Or the silvery skin that separates from the bean during the roasting process. Too good to be thrown away. The soil in some gardens is fertilized with these skins, they are nutritious and easy to work with and above all: They are natural, no chemicals!

roast quality


Our coffee is produced as a long-term roast, a roasting process takes 20 - 24 minutes depending on the type. We only use drum roasting machines, which means we consciously choose a traditional but complex roasting process. This results in a very high roasting factor for the coffee beans.

Hot air roasting processes of any kind are not used in our company.

All work steps are carried out by hand, we do not use automatic systems.

Furthermore, the roasting is carried out completely "dry". This means that water is not added either during roasting or during the cooling phase. These water additives are often used to shorten the cooling phase and to reduce the weight loss of the roasted goods, but reduce the quality of the roasted coffee.


We create a separate roasting profile for each variety and blend.

The uniqueness of our products is explained by the sum of selected raw coffee quality, our own roasting profile and the roasting process adapted to it.


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